Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is evolution really

Evolution is defined as the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

But what is evolution, really?

Some argue that God, or some form of a god, created everyone. Others might argue that another species traveled to Earth, or even Mars, and altered the genetic structures of previous creatures.

Where's the evidence? Where is it though, really?

At what point did one species, say, Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis become Homo Sapiens? Was it during Adulthood? Unlikely, right? During childhood? Probably not. Did one of those species give birth to a Homo Sapiens child? No way that can happen, right?

Saber toothed tiger did not give birth to the Bengal tiger. No Lungfish has ever given birth to a Coelecanth. And certainly if that were the case the obviously thought to be retarded Homo Sapiens would have been killed by the parents. Well, maybe not. But then what? The Habilis/Erectus parents tried to raise a supremely intelligent being? Doubtful and even so that is one FREAK accident.

But freak accidents is what evolution is!

Some might argue that stance, but a freak accident is a genetic mutation. Treacher-Collins is a mutation. Acromegaly is a mutation. Neither one of these has ever spurred the initiation of a new species.

So, where's the evidence?

Is someone suggesting that Homo Erectus and Homo Habillus got together and gave birth to a new species? That's an intriguing thought, but aren't most hybrids sterile?

All dogs can breed and provide new offspring!

So they'll say, but all dogs are the same species; Canis Lupus familiaris regardless of which "breed". There's certainly some question regarding the appearance of the domestic dog as the result of the wolf. This means the wolf-an obviously superior species-spurred the formation of a lesser species, which is contrary to evolution.

But it's all about the niche!

Is it? Besides, what niche was there to fill by a new hominid species? Homo Sapiens didn't fill any niche; they supposedly hunted all other Homos (haha) into extinction and they certainly aren't filling any niche now.

Furthermore, why weren't other apes hunted into extinction or simply out performed?

Let's talk about this. Like, let's actually discuss this with some evidence. No, seriously everyone, go ahead and comment with links to other sites, medical journals, verses from the Bible, the Quran, something, anything.

Perhaps none of our theories are correct. Until something like 1935 we didn't even know about Dark energy or Dark matter. What if some actual knowledge about what these materials or phenomena are sheds new light (dark?) on the matter.

We might all be wrong about the whole thing. For all we know, it's just a matter of moving the assemblage point. Now, please comment.

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